Random Questions Wednesday

Alex Hackel

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AD:  Favorite place to ski?


AH: La balme in La clusaz. Place legitimately is a natural park. I definitely want to go back

AD:  Most unbelievable fact you have ever heard


AH: unfortunately I got no noteworthy facts in my head. 

AD:  Have you ever seen a ghost?


AH:  No or at least I don't think I have. but I have talked to spirits before but that story is for another time 

AD:  What do you do when youre not skiing?


AH: Alot. I enjoy skating, making art, watching Movies etc.

AD:  Who is the best actor?


AH: Leo. It is not just he is good actor but basically everything he acts in is worth seeing. 

AD:  Favorite movie?


AH: Ouf.. this one is tough so I think lt is worth breaking into categories 


Blockbuster: Batman the darknight ( not rises wasn't a big fan of that one) 


Feel good: The grand Budapest hotel. 


Guilty pleasure: crazy, stupid, love


Mindfuck: space oddesesy 2001


Boston Movie: Goodwill Hunting 


underground Film: We the children of banhoof Zoo. (P.S. it is German so you have to find the English subtitle version) 

AD:  What do you like most about skiing with the Bunch Boys?


AH: in short energy and belief in possibility


Belief in possibility I think is really important. It can sometimes be easy to get into a closed mindset but When you are skiing with the bunch there is endless possibilities

AD:  One country in the world you would never want to go too?


AH: I don't really think there is one that I wouldn't want to go to. Maybe I wouldn't want to live in some countries but I think that every country offers thier own unique culture and perspective that is worth experiencing. 

AD:  Whats one thing you learned through skiing that you don’t think you could’ve learned anywhere else


AH: I think skiing has really helped me develop a healthy relationship to "failure". When skiing not making the trick is inevitable and often times it is alot more likely then succeeding. But you learn that through "failing" new opportunities arise and that failure is not something to dread but instead has its place in the flow of the creative process and life. Failure is generally viewed as something to be avoided and I think had I not skied I would probably be even more afraid to fail and less willing to dare to try. 

AD:  If you weren’t a skier what do you think would’ve been your route in life?



AH: I have dwelled on this question before and I can't say I have had much success in figuring it out. It is very hard to tell where the influences I have gotten from skiing end. And it is even harder to imagine what influences I would have experienced had I not spent my time skiing. So in the end I am just grateful to be on the route in which I am headed 

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