Alchemy || Story of my 2018 Season

LJ Strenio


Six years later. Armada presents "Wreckanize", the sequel to Mike Hornbeck's first mini movie, "Wreckallections"

Directed by Corey Stanton
Principle Cinematography by Spencer Milbocker, Kyle Decker, AJ Dakoulas, and Corey Stanton

Distance || Blake Wilson

One of my main goals this season was to put together a full solo segment. Getting away from my usual flow of inbounds hot laps and lift accessed filming. I quickly found out that the skiing is an easy part compared to all the other aspects of filming/traveling. I got my ass kicked… a lot. I learned a ton about how segments come together, how to be productive and to manage the shit-show of things breaking, frustrating days and completely running out of money. With this idea in mind and no funding, I set out to make something out of nothing. I worked pretty hard on this for sure, but am even more amped to do more and make a better segment this season. Give it a watch, let me know what you think, and say whats up if you recognize me anywhere, I'd be stoked to say whats up too! Enjoy!

One and Half Brain


Keesh presents "One and half brain" Anttu Oikkonen Antti Ollila Lauri Kivari Joona Kangas Valentin Hänninen Markus Föhr Pontus Penttilä homies

Muscovite Madness

Level 1

LINE pro Khai Krepela likes to travel and slide rails -- so what better location than cold snowy Moscow to scratch both itches at once. With Level 1 cameramen secured, Khai assembled a nimble crew to seek and enjoy all that Russian concrete and steel have to offer. Always up for adventure, pro skier, stuntman and college student, LJ Strenio was game and got his Visa and joined the crew along with Austria rail ninja Dennis Ranalter.

Elemental || Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

The elements air, fire, water, and earth exemplify aspects of nature, and represent facets of the human experiences of inspiration, creation, reflection, and grounding. 
These components can be a guide to our experiences of life, and are deeply connected to skiing and mountain biking.

ELEMENTAL is presented by Atomic, and The North Face, supported by Giant Bicycles, and Smith. 
It is directed and produced by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa and his first solo project of this scale. 

Featuring skiing from: Lucas Wachs, Mitchell Brower, and Jonah Williams. 

featuring biking from: Adam Craig, with cameos from Eliot Jackson, Kyle Jameson, Carson Storch, Reed Boggs, and Dusty Wygle. 

Editing by Jacob Callaghan

Would You || Jeremy Pancras

Network A

Network A Presents WOULD YOU After breaking his back in competition, French freestyle skier Jeremy Pancras sets out to show the world what it means to be a freeskier and follow your passion.

Strictly Business || Full Movie

this is what we do. This is who we are. This is no place for fun. This is Strictly Business.

Ethan Swadburg, Pete Koukov, Parker Norvell, Chance Contay, Ben Smith


Levi Ascher, Tanner Mottau, Hunter Bailey, Troy Murphy, Blake Wilson, Carson Kerr, Cody Potter, Kai George, Alex DeBonville


Andrew Mildenberger
Jack Pepper
Owen Dahlberg
Gavin Rudy
Jacob Callaghan
Alex Havey

Gavin Rudy

Elsa Watkins

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