2003 and Earlier

Pep Fujas || Happy Dayz

Poorboyz Productions

Second Generation || Full Movie

Level 1 Productions

Spurred by the re-invention of twin tip skis in recent years, the skiing industry and culture had been at once revolutionized. Influenced by these recent changes in the perception of skiing, a new crop of riders is now pushing the limits and definition of the sport in ways never-before imagined’¦ they are, the Second Generation.
Shot on location throughout North America, Europe, and Japan, Second Generation features the newest and most influential players in the new-school freeskiing scene, and follows them throughout the 00-01 season in their quest to push the limits of the sport. Featuring the most progressive skiing stunts and exploits ever caught on film, including Dave Crichton’s still legendary first movie segment, Second Generation will forever change the way you look at the sport of skiing. From 100-foot urban rail slides, to parking-lot step-ups onto rooftops, back-country kickers, and everything in-between, Level 1′s sophomore effort will leave you astounded by skiing’s recent progression.

Balance || Level 1 Productions

The video that started it all!
There existed an unrecognized balance between the level of skiing talent on the East Coast and the rest of the country, and for many years it was necessary for skiers to first make the pilgrimage out West before they were even given the opportunity to be discovered. Balance set out to change all that, as the first ever East Coast (based!) feature.

Happy Dayz || Sarah Burke, Phil Belanger, Jon Olsson

Poorboyz Productions

Ready, Fire, Aim || Simon Dumont

Poorboyz Productions

Vintage 2003. Before Simon Dumont was known as one of the most decorated halfpipe skiers of all time, he was an upstart new freestyle skier filming legit tricks off backcountry cheese wedges, unusual urban rail setups, big air contests, and more. Poor Boyz Productions was there, filming all of it, from day one.

Ski Movie

MSP Films

Matchstick Productions classic 2000 release.

Seth Morrison Shane McConkey Jonny Moseley Dean Cummings Wendy Fisher Chris Davenport Vincent Dorian Phillipe Poirier Mike Douglas Shawn Nesbitt Chris Burandt Evan Raps Skogen Sprang Shane Szocs Brad Holmes Aaron McGovern JT Holmes JP Auclair Richie Schley Brant Moles Jay Quinlan

Ski Movie III: The Front Line || Full Movie

MSP Films

The third and final installment of the SKI MOVIE trilogy from 2001.

Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, CR Johnson, Tanner Hall, Candide Thovex, Evan Raps, Stian Hagen, Hugo Harrisson, Wendy Fisher, Mike Douglas, Eric Pollard, Matt Collins, Aaron McGovern, Vincent Dorion, Brad Holmes, Steele Spence, Pep Fujas, Jamie Burge, Shawn Sullivan, Ryan Oakden, JT Holmes, Chris Davenport, Jay Quinlan

Ski Movie II: High Society || Full Movie

MSP Films

Matchstick Productions revolutionary feature film from 2001.

Seth Morrison, Shane McConkey, Kent Kreitler, Shannon Schad, Brad Holmes, Nick Mercon, Shane Szocs, CR Johnson, Vincent Dorion, Philou Poirier, Tanner Hall, Even Raps, Aaron McGovern, Wendy Fisher, Stian Hagen, Dean Cummings, Mike Douglas, Richie Schley, Boyd Easley

Happy Dayz || CR Johnson

Poorboyz Productions

This is the CR Johnson segment from PBP's movie Happy Dayz, circa 2002.

Propaganda || Tanner Hall

PoorBoyz Productions

Forward || Dave Crichton

Level 1 Productions

One of the most classic, and known to many as "game-changing" segments in the Level 1 library- Dave Crichton's 2-part opening segment from our 2003 release, Forward. It still holds up today with hard-charging tech and creative urban, showcasing a deep bag of park jumps and jibs, and MASSIVE pipe airs (long before the advent of the superpipe!). This brings back fond memories for all of us- hope it does the same for you!

Strike Three || Dave Crichton

Level 1

Another gem from the vaults... Dave Crichton was ahead of the the times back in 2002- 20' airs out of 12' pipes, cab 10s with his eyes closed, and a buttery smooth style that pre-empted the earliest definitions of what good style really was.

Teddy Bear Crisis || Full Movie

Kris Ostness

Super Unknown I Winner || Corey Vanular

Level 1

Corey Vanular's long lost Superunknown I entry has finally surfaced- found on a tape long ago buried in a box in the Level 1 basement and all but forgotten about, until now! Corey went on to put together a few game-changing segments in the years to follow, including his Shanghai Six opener and Long Story Short park seg that still turns heads today, and logged a few impressive comp wins along the way (2005 Gravity Games Superpipe and 2006 US Open Slopestyle among others) before multiple blown ACLs put him on the DL for a few years.

The Guatamalan Pursuader || Tanner Hall

Mercon Industries

Royalty || Full Movie

Eric Iberg

Salad Dayz || Mickael Deschenaux & Boyd Easley

High Life || Sage Cattabriga-Alosa


Session 1242 || JP auclair


Propaganda || JP Auclair

Poor Boyz Productions

The Guatamalan Pursuader || Mickael Deschenaux

Mercon Industries

Propaganda || JF Cusson

Poorboyz Productions

Session 1242 || Pep Fujas

Poorboyz productions

Exact Science || Mickael Deschenaux

Plehouse Films

Steriotype || Mickael Deschenaux

Eric Iberg

Happy Dayz || Tanner Hall

Poorboyz Productions

Tanner Hall's segment from the ski movie 'Happy Dayz' by Poor Boyz Productions

Session1242 || Tanner Hall Segment

PoorBoyz Productions

Tanner Hall's segment from the film 'Session 1242' by Poor Boyz Productions

Royalty || Mickael Deschenaux

Eric Iberg

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